Proteus Digital Health – which has devised the first “chip on a pill” to be able to monitor when a patient has taken their drug and what their body was doing at the time – has received approval from the US’s drugs regulator for the first medicine which will contain its “chip”. The approval has come for the “chip” to be used in a schizophrenia medicine manufactured by Otsuka. The “chip” in fact is actually made out of naturally occurring ingredients such as the sort found in fish. The data can help patients, their carers and their healthcare professionals.

Andrew Thompson, the Chief Executive of Proteus, hailed the milestone of the FDA approval, saying, “This is the opening of a new regulatory pathway that allows the pharmaceuticals industry to combine its medical innovation with innovation in software.”

Paul Gershlick, a Partner and Head of Life Sciences and Healthcare at Matthew Arnold & Baldwin LLP, comments: “Proteus Digital Health has been making waves in the life sciences and healthcare sector and was a speaker at this year’s Pharmaceutical Industry Network Group (PING) Seminar on its innovative technology and the impact on improving medicines adherence. Helping to improve adherence and the monitoring of it are crucial in terms of achieving better healthcare outcomes and saving money, which are key drivers in western healthcare systems as they are faced with increased challenges to obtain more for less.”

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