The National Pharmacy Association and the Pharmaceutical Services Negotiating Committee have come together to create an online tool so that pharmacies can see data and monitor what they should be paid. Check34, which is available for free to NPA members, is aimed at stopping pharmacists being underpaid. Salim Jetha, CEO of Avicenna, has claimed that his members were sometimes underpaid by between £400 and £4,000.

Announcing Check34, Ian Strachan, the Chair of the NPA, said: “For a small business like me, without a big head office resource, this is of huge practical benefit.”

Mark Burdon of the PSNC added: “The system will give contractors a much clearer view of the payments being made to them and the trends in those. They can also use it to assess key performance indicators and to benchmark their performance against regional and national data, giving valuable insight for their business management and planning.”

Kirit Patel, CEO of Day Lewis, commented: “At PSNC we are constantly considering how we can best represent and support contractors and we believe that Check34 is a welcome addition in this area. Of course PSNC will continue to audit pricing accuracy and to work with the Pricing Authority to correct systematic errors where we find them. But Check34 will give contractors the tool they need to start thinking about their NHS payments in more detail themselves as well.”

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