Pharmacies that provide services at a distance, such as over the Internet, must comply with new requirements of the General Pharmaceutical Council. The pharmacy regulator wants to ensure pharmacy owners, staff and superintendents identify and manage risks when a patient is not present. The guidance looks at risk assessments, regular audits and managing websites, and provision of information so patients can make informed decisions about medicines and pharmacy services.

Duncan Rudkin, the Chief Executive of the GPhC, said: “We’re grateful for the helpful feedback we received on our draft guidance during the consultation period last year. It has allowed us to ensure that the final guidance strikes the right balance between supporting innovation and providing medicines or pharmacy services in a way that is safe to patients and the general public. We expect that this guidance will apply to almost every pharmacy and I would urge all pharmacy owners, superintendents and staff to engage with it. This will help them to make sure that they have identified and managed all risks, and that they supply medicines and services safely to patients.”

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